Two days after Prince Peter of Serbia’s renunciation of his rights of succession to the Royal House, which took place on 27 April, were publicly announced on 28 April, the Serbian tabloid Kurir ran a story on 29 April that alleged the prince has an out-of-wedlock daughter. The tabloid paper wrote:


Officially, Petar is not married and has no children, but as Kurir has discovered, he has a daughter, who lives in London. Petar lives between London and Seville, where his mother Princess Maria de Gloria resides, and where he signed this act on the transfer of inheritance rights to his brother Philip, who himself lives in Belgrade with his wife Danica and son Stefan. 7-8 years ago, Petar had a daughter from a relationship with a woman in London. He recognised the child, sees her, and fulfills all his legal obligations in terms of alimony, states Kurir’s source. 


Source: EKSKLUZIVNO! KURIR OTKRIVA: Princ Petar Karađorđević ima vanbračnu ćerku, EVO GDE ŽIVI sa majkom! MUK NA SRPSKOM DVORU

The birth of a Dolores Luna Karageorgevitch was registered in 2017 in West Sussex, United Kingdom. Dolores is the name of Prince Peter’s maternal great-aunt, Princess Dolores of Bourbon-Two Sicilies, an older sister of his maternal grandmother Princess Esperanza of Bourbon-Two Sicilies. Luna is the name of Prince Peter’s younger half-sister Doña Luna de Medina y Orleans-Braganza, 17th Countess of Ricla. Official confirmation from the Royal Family of Serbia has not yet been given to this story.

In his renunciation, Peter of Serbia gave up not only his dynastic rights, but also those of any children he may have in the future, whether in marriage or out of wedlock.

On 1 May, Prince Vladimir of Serbia, the eldest son of Prince Andrej of Yugoslavia and his second wife Princess Kira zu Leiningen, issued a statement supporting the decision of his first cousin-once-removed:

We, the members of the Kraljevic Andrej branch of the Karadjordjevic family, fully and wholeheartedly support the decision taken by the eldest son of Prince Alexander, HRH Prince Petar, to officially and legally revoke and renounce his collective God given rights of primogeniture and, in so doing, hand his rights of succession and ascendancy to any future throne to his brother, HRH Prince Filip.

As we thank His Holiness Patriarch Porfirije for his blessing of this solemn occasion, we also congratulate all members of the King Petar II branch and very much look forward to working together with Prince Filip for the betterment of the Serbian nation and her peoples under the banner of Karadjordjevic family.

Vladimir, 01.05.2022.

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