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Dear Subscribers,

Last night we finished making the last editing changes to Issue CXX, Volume 21.4 – Winter 2018. This morning, we sent it to the printers, who are already busy with Issue CXIX, Volume 21.3 – Fall 2018.

Inside  Issue CXX you will find the following articles:

1. From Empire to Nation-States – The Last Days of the Habsburg Monarchy, by Justin Vovk

9. Fortitude and Resignation – The Kaiser’s fall and Exile in The Netherlands, by Arturo E. Beéche

24. Ferdinand of Bulgaria – The Machiavelli of there Balkans, by Coryne Hall

30. Princess Margarethe of Hesse’s Letters to Lady Corkran, by John van der Kiste

38. How Times have Changed, by Joe Spiteri

46. Book Reviews

48. Royal News

We are mailing both magazines,  Issue CXIX and  Issue CXX, together. Mailing will be completed by Friday, April 12. These two issues conclude our 22nd year of publication. Renewal forms will be inside them.

Having made a monumental effort to get four magazines done in 3 weeks, now we can look forward to gathering and commission the articles that will go inside  Issue CXXI, Volume 22.1 – Spring 2019 and  Issue CXXII, Volume 22.2 – Summer 2019. This will allow us to be completely up-to-date in bringing to you our excellent magazine!

We are hoping more of you will join our growing number of subscribers, while also encouraging your friends to subscribe. remember that our entire funding comes from subscriptions, not advertising!

Subscription Rates

Yearly rates cover 4 issues…Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter

USA                          $50.00
Canada                      $55.00
Europe                      $75.00
UK                            £50.00
Latin America           $75.00
Australia                   $75.00
New Zealand            $75.00
Rest of the World     $75.00

Payment must be mailed by check or postal money order to:

Kensington House Books
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To pay by credit card, please call: 510.236.1730. You may also mail your credit card information to our address above or use our secure system by sending us an email at: [email protected]

We also accept Paypal at our address: [email protected]

We accept VISA, MasterCard and Venmo (@ [email protected])

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