This week Sotheby’s confirmed that a diamond Fabergé tiara, formerly the property of Crown Princess Cecilie of Prussia (1886-1954; née Mecklenburg-Schwerin), will go to auction in Geneva on 14 May 2019. The tiara is described by the auction house as “[being] set with three circular-cut diamonds, framed with stylised laurels within an arched surround of lattice work design, joined with rose diamond quatrefoils, central circular motif detachable, six small rose diamonds deficient, unsigned.” This magnificent piece was created in 1903 and was a gift to Cecilie upon her marriage in 1905 to Crown Prince Wilhelm, eldest son of Wilhelm II.

The Fabergé tiara did not solely adorn the head of the Crown Princess. In 1949, her youngest child Princess Cecilie (1917-1975) wore the tiara when she married American architect Clyde Harris (1918-1958). Princess Cecilie and Clyde Harris had one child, Kira (b.1954). Princess Cecilie was the only daughter of Crown Princess Cecilie to marry; she was also the only daughter of the Crown Princess to whom the tiara would have been bequeathed. Crown Princess Cecilie’s only other daughter, Princess Alexandrine (1915-1980), was affected with Down Syndrome.

Crown Princess Cecilie with her daughters Princess Alexandrine (left) and Princess Cecilie (right)

It is conservatively estimated that the tiara will fetch between $200,000-$300,000; however, it will likely bring much more when it comes to the auction floor owing to its glorious past.

For more on this magnificent piece of royal jewellery, please visit Sotheby’s: Diamond tiara, attributed to Fabergé, circa 1903


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